Class Schedule


General registration is now closed! Adult classes, workshops, and private lessons are still open for enrollment.

  1. FALL
    Tues, Wed, & Thurs: 4 levels
    Sign up for Mini (ages 3-5), Bronze 1, Bronze 2, or Silver level tumbling classes. Learn recreational tumbling tricks!
  2. FALL
    Private Piano Instruction
    Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays
    Discover the world of music! Receive one-on-one, traditional instruction from a teacher with a Master's Degree in Music. Learn performance etiquette skills and build confidence. Emphasis on classical repertoire, with fun music too!
  3. FALL
    Ballet & AcroDance
    Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesdays: 4 levels
    A fun and stimulating environment beginning ages 3 and up. Class placement based on teacher recommendation.
  4. FALL
    Group Piano Instruction
    Tuesdays: 3 levels
    Classes of 4 students are a fun option for beginners. Weekly 40 min lessons allow students to develop music and social skills with their peers, with focus on ensemble music.
  5. FALL
    Mondays: 2 levels and a Boys Hip Hop Crew
    Come explore different contemporary styles of dance and get into your groove so you can be ready to shine in our upcoming YouTube videos. Click on the link for more details.
  6. FALL
    Valley Children's Choir
    Thursdays 5:30 pm to 7 pm
    The Valley Children's Choir is a show choir for kids 8 -18. Kids learn how to sing different vocal parts, learn basic choreography, and experience different vocal styles. The atmosphere is high energy and fast paced. Kids are encouraged to take part in many performing opportunities throughout the FALL and SPRING semesters including live performances and YouTube video shoots with guest clinicians.
  7. FALL
    Voice Lessons
    30 or 60 min slots available. E-mail or call to schedule a time
    Receive one-on-one private voice instruction with a highly skilled vocal instructor, Sophi Bos. Get ready for upcoming auditions or solo performances with confidence. Technique, performance, and music mastery are included in each lesson. Prices vary. By appointment only.
  8. FALL
    SunKids Jr. Choir
    Thursdays 4:00 to 4:30 pm
    Back by popular demand!!! SunKids Jr Choir is a preliminary course to the Valley Children's Choir. We offer fundamental singing and performing skills ages 5-8. Students will participate in learning a variety of songs and dances and have the opportunity to perform both live and on camera! Cost is $35/month.
  9. FALL
    Guitar Lessons
    By appointment. 30 min slots available. E-mail or call to schedule.
    Have you always wanted to play the guitar? Well now you can learn from a qualified instructor. Learn styles such as classical, mariachi, rock, or traditional. Our instructor will guide you in one-on-one instruction the ways to becoming an accomplished guitarist. Click on the button to contact us and set up your lessons today!
  10. FALL
    Ukulele Lessons
    By appointment. 30 min slots available. E-mail or call to schedule
    Top 5 reasons to learn to play the ukulele: 1. Learning to play the ukulele is fun! 2. You can take an ukulele anywhere! 3. It's one of the easiest instruments to play! 4. You'll be the life of the party! 5. Once you learn to play the uke, you'll be able to play any song upon request at anytime! How amazing is that? Call or email us today to set up your first ukulele lesson!
  11. FALL
    Theatre Arts Classes
    5 week workshops
    Our first workshop was a success! Another workshop coming in Spring Semester. For ages 10 and up. This course will teach the basics of comedy improvisation. Students will have the opportunity to take risks, think on their feet, and learn to trust themselves and others. Improv is the most raw form of art; learning to create something out of nothing! Come "spaz" out with Mr. Brady!
  12. FALL
    Adult Classes
    Exercise, Voice Lessons, Choir, Guitar, Ukulele
    We are adding more adult classes to our schedule every semester! We are excited to offer: Yoga, Voice lessons, Guitar & Ukulele lessons, and a Community Choir! All for adults of any age! Classes to come may include: Folklorico, Zumba, Line dancing, and more! Childcare available during most adult classes.
Voice Lessons